Movimento Esporte Conecta - Aqua Camp
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Movimento Esporte Conecta - Aqua Camp

Piracicaba,São Paulo,Brazilshow map

About the Event

Swimming, the ability to move around in the aquatic environment, is one of the most complete sports that provides pleasure, lightness and a deep dive into our thoughts, it is when our movements unite with our feelings, we simply "flow", we enter "flow" ", connection and tune with the water, we connect with a universe that is not our habitat, but that has been conquering more and more people... especially when swimming is practiced in contact with nature, what we call SWIMMING IN OPEN WATER .

Swimming in dams, in the sea, in lakes is what we call "swimming in open water", a swim that requires much more knowledge for swimmers than when swimming is practiced only in pools.

In Brazil, and notably after the Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in swimmers who started swimming in the aforementioned environments, as well as their participation in sports events and competitions. It was also verified that in the last two years the number of challenges and competitions in open waters also had its offer increased, bringing a great option of participation in events of this nature, where distances vary from 400m, 500m, even more than 50km!

But… are swimming practitioners, whether they are swimmers or triathletes, being correctly guided on the differences and particularities between swimming in the pool versus swimming in open water???

This is the purpose of our meeting on March 4th and 5th, 2023!!!

Come to the "MOVEMENT SPORT CONECTA - AQUA CAMP" and have the opportunity to learn and practice:

techniques and training zones;

open water safety;

guidance, signage, strategies;

experiences in competitions and challenges of different lengths;

food and energy sources for training and competitions;

transdisciplinary teams and their importance;

parasport in swimming;

Main injuries in swimming and ways of prevention.







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